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We have been established since 1988 as a supplier of S&M products worldwide.

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Item Name: Male stainless steel new lock collar
Item Number: SMC059
Price: 16.99 USD
Detailed Product Description

Female Stainless Steel New Lock Collar

The inner diameter is 14 cm, the height is 2.5 cm and the thickness is 0.7 cm.

Weight: 395g

Keep your submissive in-line and in your control with this Thick Iron Locking Collar. The durable and heavy steel will remain firmly around your submissive‘s neck, keeping them in place.

The collar has one rings for attachment to chains, ties or other bondage gear. Means you can securely lock your sub to the toys of your choice. You can even attach a leash to the collar and lead your sub around and make them follow all of your commands.


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Mr   Marko Zagar 2016-11-21 16:48:00
I forgot to add my email
  2016-11-21 16:48:00
Mr   Marko Zagar 2016-11-21 16:46:00
Hi I am interested in Item Number: SMC059 Stainless Steel New Lock Collar How much would the post cost to 23 Weeroona Drive Wamboin NSW 2620 AUSTRALIA Thank you Marko
  2016-11-21 22:00:00
ok thanks, if possible, could you please send email to us:
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We have been established since 1988 as a supplier of S&M products worldwide.

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