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We have been established since 1988 as a supplier of S&M products worldwide.

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Item Name: Standard Clear Resin Male Chastity Cage - Includes 4 Rings ZA358-C
Item Number: ZA358-C
Price: 13.45 USD
Detailed Product Description

Material: Plastic Resin
Inside Diameter of Rings:  (1.49", 1.69", 1.89", and 2.04")

Length of cage - 3.03", inside width of cage - 1.22"

Includes: Rings(4), PA Adapter, Cage, Internal Lock and keys, and Storage Case

The included piercing adapter (PA) is optional to use, and comes uninstalled, the regular standard smooth adapter has been installed, and is ready for use.

This high-end chastity cage is made from body-safe plastic resin, and is designed for comfortable long-term wear. The chastity device is lightweight, breathable, but once the lock is applied, your subject can‘t get hard no matter how aroused they are! It features 4 different sized rings that wrap around your subject‘s entire package, leaving his shaft locked inside the breathable resin sleeve.

With unparalleled comfort, this ventilated chastity cage is the ultimate chastity device for first-timers and serious fetish enthusiasts alike. Enjoy the thrill of locking your lover up, or relinquish control and hand over the keys! The resin cage is easy to wash, body-safe and super hygienic. The resin sleeve has a small hole to assist urination, and the entire device can be worn under clothing for amazing one-of-a-kind thrills!


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We have been established since 1988 as a supplier of S&M products worldwide.

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